Wallaby Race (Main)

Our Wallaby Race is our main event which features 2 race distance to cater for all levels, from our first time racers up to our more experienced athletes. This race has a friendly atmosphere, with fellow competitors and spectators always offering encouragement and support throughout the day.

Our club is all about promoting participation for a healthy and active lifestyle. We offer a fun, enjoyable experience for all athletes, enhanced this season with a grading system. Athletes will be graded based on their race times with separate waves for women and for each grade. This ensures you can compete against similarly paced athletes and easily establish goals. 

If you're not confident with the swim, the ride, or the run, we would still love to see you at a race. Get a few friends and form a team. Don't have a team? Come down anyway, we allow you to do which ever legs you can do, either through finding you a teammate for the day or assigning an 'athlete marker' to determine when you start the next leg.

The race is available to individuals or teams, with distances of:

300m Swim

16.5km Cycle

2.5km Run


500m Swim

16.5km Cycle

5km Run